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In December of 2012 KAVA locked themselves in a cabin in Michigan with provisions and recording gear. They spent the second half of 2013 culling and refining the material from the session. Separations was released December 31, 2013. Available on iTunes.

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Shikaakwa was recorded live with no overdubs and is at the same time an exciting rock album and a loyal documentation of the scope and the raw talent of this band. Shikaakwa is a perfect representation of how KAVA sounds live, complete with trippy effects in the drums and guitars layered live by Greenhouse and Wilson and the soaring vocals sang live (whilst tracking bass simultaneously) by Behling.  The album is also a good mix of sonic textures that seamlessly flow

Another KAVA Improv Jam

Animal Collective was scheduled to play in Chicago this past March but the show was cancelled and rescheduled. The members of KAVA decided to make the most of the night and spent the next 12 hours rehearsing, improvising and recording. This track was recorded with one room mic, is totally un-edited and just a little EQ added. Enjoy. More to come.