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RedHawk Vol . 1

RedHawk Vol. 1 is a mixture of well-crafted songs and dark ambient sound textures. The album contains vocal harmony led songs that can stand alone, like ‘Amidst The Fallen Rain’ and ‘The Hunt’, but fused with tracks like ‘Eskimono Dragon,’ an eleven minute trip through minimalist groove. RedHawk Vol. 1 reads as a political liberation tale, taking cues from the current social and political socioeconomic state, the album fuses together notes of nature and approaches electronic experimentation in such a way that you can feel the rebellion surfacing.

Prophet Bob

KAVA presents their fifth full length album, “PROPHET BOB”. The band lost a friend two years ago, Bob Popp. So they decided to book time in the studio that Bob owned along with Quentin Poynter, Gunpoint Studios in Chicago. KAVA asked Q to just roll tape as they played from the top of their heads for hours in a place that is full of Bob memories. Then, the band took the files back to their respective cities to make sense of it all and to make songs out of it. The end result is a haunting, dark and full musical thought that is unique and shows the band at the peak of their creativity in the studio.


Released November 11 of 2014, Transmissions consists of recordings that were made by all three band members from their own respective cities (Chicago, Denver, and LA) and sent, or transmitted, to one another to be pieced together into songs.  The result is a stunning free-form recording with a psychedelically robotic feel. Though TRANSMISSIONS is made up of 9 different tracks, we recommend that you listen to them as one collective 35 minute sonic experiment, as it is presented separately.  Turn off the lights, get comfortable and listen to it as was made to be experienced.  Take your time and turn it up loud.

“It’s by far one of the coolest fusions of digital music you’re going to hear this year.”

– Sir Jorge (Sell Out Records)
“Glitchy and schitzophenic, KAVA’s music balances a real creativity with intelligent construction”
– Chris Marsh (Crossradar)
“strongly produced, very intriguing… eerily similar to a lot of Thom Yorke produced content”
– Brett Stewart (blogger)
“If you want music that takes your mind to different places, this 9-track album is for you.”
– The Peoples Opinion (blog)


Beginnings is a collection of KAVA’s earliest studio recordings. Three recorded at Gunpoint by Quentin Poynter and three recorded at IV Labs by Rollin Weary.


In December of 2012, KAVA locked themselves in a cabin in Michigan with provisions and recording gear.

Here’s what we came away with.Enjoy!

Available on iTunes in January 2014.


After two EPs and an experimental improvised instrumental release, Chicago’s KAVA spent the past year touring, playing local (often fully-improvised) gigs, writing songs and working on their live show. This culminated in the recording of their first full length studio album, Shikaakwa, on March 30 at In Vault Labs in Chicago.

KAVA is a psychedelic rock trio comprised of Chicago music veterans Ryan, Marshall and Wilson met while forming AfroZep, an actively touring hybrid of Led Zeppelin songs with African instrumentation and, after realizing that they had a similar musical vision, formed KAVA a year and a half later.

Marshall Greenhouse(drums/electronics/percussion)
Wilson (guitar), and
Ryan Behling (vocals/bass).
The trio went into the studio with a 45 minute set of music ready to play in its entirety. The band played the set three times live in the studio (no overdubs) and they were done tracking that night. With the help of Rollin Weary behind the board mixing and mastering (the following day), Shikaakwa is a perfect representation of how KAVA sounds live, complete with trippy effects in the drums and guitars layered live by Greenhouse and Wilson and thes soaring vocals sang live (whilst tracking bass simultaneously) by Behling.

The album is also a good mix of sonic textures flowing seamlessly between the rock of “Keep it Alive”, the psychedelia of “Oil Skull” and “While You Were We Decided Not To” and the thoughtful whisper of “Milo vs. Milos”. Shikaakwa is at the same time an exciting rock album and a loyal representation of the scope and the raw talent of this band.

“Shikaakwa is a stoner-rock masterpiece.” – Rollin Weary, IV Labs