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“It’s by far one of the coolest fusions of digital music you’re going to hear this year.”
– Sir Jorge (Sell Out Records)
“Glitchy and schitzophenic, KAVA’s music balances a real creativity with intelligent construction”
– Chris Marsh (Crossradar)
“strongly produced, very intriguing… eerily similar to a lot of Thom Yorke produced content”
– Brett Stewart (blogger)
“If you want music that takes your mind to different places, this 9-track album is for you.”
– The Peoples Opinion (blog)
Released November 11 of 2014, Transmissions consists of recordings that were made by all three band members from their own respective cities (Chicago, Denver, and LA) and sent, or transmitted, to one another to be pieced together into songs.  The result is a stunning free-form recording with a psychedelically robotic feel. Though TRANSMISSIONS is made up of 9 different tracks, we recommend that you listen to them as one collective 35 minute sonic experiment, as it is presented separately.  Turn off the lights, get comfortable and listen to it as was made to be experienced.  Take your time and turn it up loud.

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